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Spiritual Healing helps you to activate your self-healing powers. Unleash your potential!

Spiritual Healing for

  • Physical Health Issues (e.g. Allergies, Asthma or other Breathing Issues, Diabetes, Obesity, Lyme disease)
  • Mental Health Issues (e.g. Depression, anxiety, panic attacks)
  • Personal Growth
  • Career Path Questions
  • Happy Relationships
  • Aura Protection

Every journey starts with a first step. I am here to help you on your journey to a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

Do you feel like you are coming up against the same obstacles repeatedly that are keeping you from living your life fully? – I am here to help you create new patterns, heal emotional wounds, and develop stronger connections with your loved ones. If you have come to this website, you may be ready to take the first steps and start addressing the problems that you and/or your family members are struggling with. People seek counseling for a variety of reason, so we will start by spending time clarifying your personal goals.

"Live intensively and live your dreams. Love yourself and your fellow man/ woman. Go courageously from the way of your heart. Love and live your life with passion and purpose."
spiritual healer

What is Spiritual Healing?

Healing is a treatment that involves the transfer of energy through the healer to the recipient. It promotes self-healing by relaxing the body, releasing tensions and strengthening the body’s own immune system. Healing is natural and non-invasive with the intention of bringing the recipient into a state of balance and wellbeing on all levels’ (NFSH Healing Trust)

The word ‘spiritual’ originates from the Latin word ‘spiritus’ meaning ‘breath of life’. The spiritual aspect refers to  spiritual energy working at a deep level on our spiritual being. The healing involves the transfer of energy from the healer to the recipient. 

Specialties in Spiritual Healing

My focus in spiritual healing lies on anxiety clients and rituals of all transitions: e.g. birth (welcome ritual),  teenage years and death. The search for vocation and one´s own potential as well as happy partnerships are also part of my field of main applications. Moreover I support people with menopause, career questions and joy of life. In addition I teach Yoga for young and old, with or without restriction.

For those who live in and around San Diego, I would love to work with you in person. Due to my past in Europe, I am still working with a lot of clients from oversea. So you don´t need to see me physically in order to work with me. We will figure out the best way for you.

Spiritual Healing - Services offered

Mental Health Support

Mental Health Support

Are you struggling with you mind? I support you to regain you mental health.

Physical Health Support

Physical Health Support

Are you dealing with any health issues? Activated you self healing abilities with me.

Personal Growth

Personal Growth

Personal growth is an important part of a person's growth, maturity, success and happiness.

Spiritual Healing | Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation

Dreams connect us with our spiritual source, open our subconscious mind and reflect our consciousness.

Spiritual Healing Service | Find your Power Animal

Find your Power Animal

Explore your power- and chakra animals to increase your aura field for more inner peace and protection.

Spiritual Healing Service | Meditation Technique

Meditation Techniques

Meditation to enhance concentration, brain function, relaxation, sense extension, and introspection.

Spiritual Healing Service | Self Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis is a meditative technique to discover you greatness, talents, abilities, etc.

Spiritual Healing Service | Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing Breathing: Deep breathing is one of the most important healing techniques


Yoga Classes

One main goal of Yoga is to gain clarity about the confusing activity of our thinking organ, so that our thoughts can come to rest, and the inner truth can be perceived.

Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing

Breathing is closely linked to our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. The Sessions help in the healing process.

Spiritual Healing Service | Name Analysis

Name Analysis

Your name reveals a lot about your talents, gifts, skills, and challenges in your private and professional life.

Spiritual Healing Service | Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology

Through the Foot Zone Reflex Massage the self-healing power of the body or the regenerative power present in the human body, is stimulated.

The Healing Power of the Heart

The heart helps us meet our personal challenges with more grace, wisdom, and love. You cannot hold joy, success, or love in your hand. You cannot buy them. You can only feel them in your heart. They are a state of being. Make the invisible “visible”. The source of happiness we are all searching for lies within us. There is only one person in charge of your joy, and that is you. Your loved ones, your parents, your children, they do not have the control or the power to create your happiness. They simply can share in your happiness. I would like to guide you on a transformational journey of a lifetime, and help you find your path to a much happier life.  Learn to think with your heart and to feel with your mind.  An open heart is an open mind.

About Me | Illustration Tipee

Spiritual Healing & About Me

I have a long and intense education in holistic medicine (nurse and a licensed alternative healing practioner in Europe), Yoga, hypnosis, psychotherapy, trauma-clearing, dream-interpretation, breathing techniques. My extensive knowledge in shamanistic healing methods opened the opportunity for me to go an entirely new path in spiritual healing, which I have been practicing succesfully for 20 years in Europe befor moving to the United States. I am not a licensed physician nor licensed by state. But I am certified Californian Yoga Teacher and registered in the Yoga Alliance.

I received my spiritual teachings from Mr. Ron Lavin (Shaman, New York), Ms. Christa Phillips (spiritual teacher, Montana), Ms. Retta Lua (medicine woman, Equador), Mr. Patrick Poupart, (medicine man, Los Angeles). 

My Mission

You want to make meaningful, long-term changes in a safe, confidential and caring environment? I’m here to help. Sometimes the first step – reaching out – is the hardest one. I would love to support you on your spiritual and individual path.

Send me a message and we can schedule your first consultation.
I am looking forward to hear from you.