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Relaxation Technique | Breathing Sessions
Relaxation Technique | Breathing Sessions

Breathing Sessions as an important Relaxation Technique

Why correct Breathing is so important

The most powerful Relaxation Technique: Breathing and life are very intricately linked. Without air to breathe a person lives only a few minutes. The importance of correct breathing led to the development of certain breathing therapies in ancient times. Breathing in means the absorption of life energy and breathing out means the release of used and harmful substances. Breathing reflects very clearly the respective state of mind. There are close connections between breathing, body, and psyche. Tension or calmness finds direct expression in the breath

What Breathing Sessions can help with

Conversely, through consciously correct breathing, disturbances in body and psyche can be positively influenced. Breathing therapy is a holistic treatment which is particularly suitable for preventive health care and as a complementary therapy. As self-help, a lot of exercise in the fresh air is recommended. In combination with Meditation it works as a perfect Relaxation Technique.

Breathing Session under professional guidance

Breathing exercises should be learned under professional guidance, as incorrect use can lead to breathing disorders. The field of breathing exercises is varied. The breathing exercises are partly combined with relaxation and strengthening exercises, with dynamic movements and with concentrative, meditative training.


… is the bridge, which connects life to consciousness,
which unites your body to your thoughts.
Whenever your mind becomes scattered,
use your breath as the means to take hold of your mind again


Autosuggestion as a approved Relaxation Technique

Applications of Autosuggestion

Thanks to its comprehensive effect, Autosuggestion Therapy (A.T.) has a wide range of possible applications. It can be used as a supplement for almost all physical diseases. It is particularly successful in psychosomatic illnesses in which organic dysfunctions are caused by mental-nervous causes. However, the patient must still be able to positively influence himself/herself, which is no longer possible, for example, in cases of severe depression or anxiety.

How Autosuggestion works

Auto-suggestion has nothing to do with occultism or esotericism, rather it uses the power of one’s own positive thoughts. By regularly repeating the suggestions, they are imprinted deeper and deeper into the subconscious and thus erase negative, fearful, and frightening programming. Via the vegetative nervous system, these autosuggestions work their way into every single cell and thus have a surprising effect on physical complaints in the psychosomatic area.

Methodical Influences

The Autosuggestion Therapy according to Coué, as well as independent hypnosis (e.g. mental training) have proven to be particularly effective. Emil Coué is a real pioneer, he has laid the foundation for this form of therapy with his knowledge and insights.

Relaxation Technique | Autosuggestion
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Autogenic Training as a Relaxation Technique

Autogenic Training can be easily applied

Autogenic training is one of the most common relaxation techniques. It was developed by Prof. Johann Heinrich Schultz (1884-1970). In our time, which is characterized by stress and hectic, this relaxation technique quickly found widespread use. It can also be learned in self-study with a good book or a multimedia medium. Exercises in individual or group lessons, which are often offered as courses, are particularly suitable. 

What Autogenic Training can help with

Autogenic training is based on the knowledge that deep relaxation is an important prerequisite for performance and health.  This simple and universally applicable method is intended to enable people to switch off briefly in everyday life. Thus, the trained user can reduce energy-consuming tensions within minutes. Autogenic training is often used where maximum performance is required. In addition, it offers the possibility of simultaneous autosuggestion. This popular and everyday technique for deep relaxation can also be used profitably by children and young people.