Healing Techniques

Healing Methods | Body Therapy

Holistic Healing as one of the Healing Techniques is a practice that encompasses massage and bodywork.  It is an integrative practice meant to meet each person where they are when they arrive for a session, and connect them with their intrinsic ability to heal. 

Relaxation Technique

Holistic Healing | Relaxation Techniques

“You either control your mind or it controls you” – Napoleon Hill. Relaxation Technique encompasses Breathing Therapy, Autosuggestion, Autogenic Training, Rebirthing Sessions, Dream Job and more. 

Shamanic Healing

Healing Methods | Indian Apprenticeship

Shamans are one who, by entering an altered state of consciousness, focuses on inner realities in order to find healing, harmony, wholeness for self and others. It pormays healing  as a transformation of consciousness.


Yoga | Illustration

Yoga, apart from the various yoga exercises (asanas), is a mental attitude and viewpoint, and is not only practiced by the hour. The abilities of each student should be recognized and brought to development.

Name Analysis

Healing Techniques | Name Analysis

The Meditative Associative Name Analysis (MANA) is a procedure for the orienting assessment of a person’s personality, his weaknesses, and strengths.

Energy Healing

Healing Techniques | Energy Healing

Energy healing is a collective term for techniques that use the flow of energy between therapist and patient: from patient to therapist in the sense of diagnosis, from therapist to patient in the sense of healing or relief.


Healing Techniques | Hypnosis

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness (trance). It affects the subconscious mind in a kind of half-sleep. Hypnosis works on traumatic experiences such as anxiety or other traumas. Self-hypnosis is a self-help method. It helps a person to change certain behavior or situations.