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What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic Healing leads to harmonization on the level of the soul and emotions. Through shamanic healing it is also possible to retrieve soul parts. To stay healthy it is important to be in contact with the Spiritual World and your Power Animals and to repeat rituals regularly.

What is a Shaman?

A Shaman is a healer for body, soul and spirit. The Shaman acts from the other world and works on or dissolves the origin of a problem or symptom

What are Power Animals?

Power Animals are Spirit Guides who can help you navigate through life’s challenges and transitions. You can turn to these trustworthy oracles for advice and counsel on any questions or concerns. Power Animals are exceptional teachers who will help you learn about both the spirit and the natural world. Working with them on a regular basis will enhance your personal life and your health immensely. (S. Steven)

Shamans have long felt that the power of Guardians makes one resistant to illness. The reason is simple: it provides a power-full body that resists the intrusion of external forces. From the shamanic point of view, there is simply not room in a power-filled body for the easy entrance of the intrusive, harmful energies known in ordinary reality as diseases.

A Power Animal or Guardian Spirit not only increases one’s physical energy and ability to resist contagious disease, but also increases one’s mental alertness and self-confidence. (M. Harner)

Shamanic Healing: The Shamanic understanding of the Ego

What does ego mean in Shamanic understanding? – The ego is a mental self-image, a concept of self-existing in the mind. It is a false image because the Self – the true Self – does not exist in the mental but in the spiritual mind. The ego itself is complex and consists of three aspects that we can call “layers”.

Outer Layer

1 First layer is concerned with satisfying the needs of the body and pleasing the senses. Although the ego itself is never satisfied because it wants more and more of what it wants and less and less of what it needs.

Middle Layer

2 Second layer deals with the mental appetite and nourishing the feeling of one’s own meaning and separateness. It makes judgments that promote one’s own vanity and comparisons with others.

Inner Layer

3 Third layer deals with self-justification. So powerful is the ego that it makes us believe that it alone is the true self and not the deceptive, transitory, and limited self that it is.


Functions of the Ego

The ego is mainly concerned with things that it considers pleasurable and with avoiding pain. It wants to hold on to what it feels it belongs to and that it has created for itself. For example my car, my child, my partner. It causes us to compare ourselves with others and to judge others because their actions and opinions influence us. We behave according to expectations that are put upon us. This increases the pressure on us to keep up with others, fears intensify, and we are trapped in the cycle of unfulfilled desires. We try to meet these demands and thus nourish our ego more and more.

Living in a constantly changing world

Inner harmony and joy is constantly disturbed and so we become more and more unhappy and feel exposed and at the mercy of so-called permanent stress. Of course, it is not us who are responsible for this, but the “fast world and its demands”. We are locked into patterns of behavior from which there seems to be no escape, and in the conditioning of our own thoughts and beliefs. All conditioning is the result of fear-driven beliefs. Not through real fear for physical survival, but through imaginary fear, which in turn weakens our vitality and health.

How can shamans help you improve health and wellbeing?

Shamanic Healing | Tree of Life

The Ego as a helpful servant

Shamans of different cultures have always regarded the mental mind not as an admirable ruler but as a helpful servant. When we perceive reality through the mental mind alone, we perceive the separation of things. We define, classify what we observe, analyze, compare, and draw conclusions.

When we experience reality through the spiritual mind, through and with the mind of the heart, we perceive things in their wholeness and the interrelation that exists on all levels. One of the ultimate goals of humanity is that mental mind and spiritual spirit are united in complete harmony, so that their sound is one, complete oneness.

Rule over your Ego otherwise it will rule over you.

Your mental mind belongs to you, the true self – “the spiritual mind”; is use your spirit, but rule over it, otherwise it will rule over you and lead you to believe that the ego-self is the only true self and make you align your life accordingly. “

The Power of the "Inner Smile"

The Inner Smile”, relax your mouth and make it smile, for the smile is more than just a facial expression for it is fueled by a healing energy that you have generated yourself. As we breathe deeply and slowly, we feel the gentle, warm energy flow supplying all the cells with love and healing energy. We need love, and this love can be generated and activated from the core of our being through a simple smile. The more love energy we generate, the more love will manifest in our lives.

Key Principles of Shamanic Wisdom

  1. Create (visualize) your world!
  2. Set boundaries!
  3. Give yourself what you really love, need and like!
  4. Look for balance, go the middle way!

Tips for Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing | Yin-Yang-Symbol

As soon as “give and take” is out of balance, become aware whether you give more or take more. What do you want to achieve through this? What do you wish for? What do you need? What needs do you feel? What do you want to get? If you give up all your energy, you are a healer out of control. The more you give, the more people want from you. So, give yourself what you need because other people are representative of “Wakan Tanka” which means; “Hey, wake up and give you what you need!”

Shamanic Healing | Golden SUn

Before a light healing, increase your energy e.g. by a Jappa, breathing technique, meditation! – Give your clients/patients methods or tools in their hands, so that no dependence arises! – Do not hinder or spare your clients/patients, this will lead to new behaviors and/or new perspectives! Share your spiritual messages/information and pay attention to loving word messages

Shamanic Healing | Rebirthing
Spiritual healing | Rebirthing
Spiritual healing | Rebirthing

Rebirthing as a Shamanic Healing Approach


What is a Rebirthing Session?

Rebirthing was discovered by Leonard Orr at the end of the seventies and was initially understood as a breathing technique for processing the birth experience, whereby the recognition and transformation of early “negative thoughts” played an important role. 

What Rebirthing can help with

Rebirthing for me has the advantage that it makes transformation possible in a simple way (“without accessories”), with (apparently) relatively little overcoming and without necessity. However, not every Rebirthing session is transformational. You do not know beforehand how much it will be. This makes the work exciting and undramatic at the same time. It is not the mind that decides, but the SELF, and the patient learns to confide in himself. In any case, the patient’s own energy is increased many times over, waste products are removed more quickly, and the self-healing powers are activated.

Rebirthing Session - Technique

The Rebirthing breathwork itself is usually performed lying down: The patient lies on a comfortable surface for about 60 to 100 minutes. Then he begins to consciously breathe in and out with his eyes closed, feeling, and stretching his chest, stomach, and head. The accompanying re-birther instructs the patient to breathe a little more intensively than in everyday life and to perceive exactly where the breath flows to. Some will first learn to breathe more, i.e. to open and expand the body. Others will experience that it is about exhaling more, and that holding back the exhalation or dosing the air reduces the liveliness.  Perhaps at the beginning of the session, or in the first sessions in general, the patient will first become aware of how little he dares to breathe in or out properly – and what this has to do with the fact that he tends to withdraw in life. Getting to know “braking” will show him why he does not really succeed in “accelerating”. In rebirthing breathing, after the first few minutes of concentration and perception of the breath, a decisive characteristic is added. The re-birther will instruct the patient to omit the pause between inhalation and exhalation and to change to a continuous circular breathing. In all sessions the following applies: A transforming experience happens INSIDE, even if the facilitator provides important support. The Re-birther will accompany the patient in such a way that he feels secure: through instructions on depth and type of breathing, through questions and through touching in case of tension. It is often useful to communicate what happens during the session (in a few sentences). Very often, however, in Rebirthing sessions there is almost no speaking. The session ends with a short follow-up discussion: Here experiences, images, symbolic meaning, or colors are shared; a short analysis or interpretation often has a supporting effect. Sometimes the experience of a session simply stops – because it cannot be put into words, because it is too subtle or too overwhelming. Here words would only do harm. If the Rebirthing Breathing Process produces new perspectives after a few sessions, it will be necessary to insert a purely verbal therapy session (Voice Dialogues, Gestalt, Hakomi).


Dream Interpretation as a part of my Shamanic Healing Approach


… connect us with our spiritual source
… open our subconscious mind
… reflect our consciousness
… heal and help us to wholeness
… help us to solve our problems

Dream Types

Soul Dreams

Dreams of Repetition

Day / Waking Dreams

Dreams of past lives

Developement Dreams


Premonitory Dreams

Archetypal Dreams