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Support phone or personal sessions

Private 1:1 Coaching | Most famous Service

Services | 1:1 Coaching, Private Session

Most famous Service: The phone call or private session is to address your needs, problems and goals. For example:

  • Physical Health Issues (e.g. Allergies, Asthma or other Breathing Issues, Diabetes, Obesity, Lyme disease)
  • Mental Health Issues (e.g. Depression, anxiety, panic attacks)
  • Personal Growth
  • Career Path Questions
  • Happy Relationships
  • Aura Protection
Private Coaching Length can be variable. Get your daily life support depending on your unique wishes.


  • individual support
  • achieve specific goals
  • solve a specific problem
  • improve general well-being
  •  unique exercises

15 min     25 $

Service: Learn how to meditate correctly

Meditation Techniques


  • individual support
  • learn how to meditate correctly
  • different meditation techniques
  • positive impacts of meditation

60 min     110 $

Meditation is a spiritual practice. Through mindfulness or concentration exercises the mind calms down and leads to inner peace and balance. Meditation also has a positive effect on blood pressure, cholesterol and the immune system.

Services | Meditation Techniques

Service: Activate your self healing powers

Self-Hypnosis Techniques

Services | Self Hypnosis

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness (trance). Hypnosis affects the subconscious mind in a kind of half-sleep and processes buried experiences such as anxiety disorders or other traumas. Self-hypnosis is a kind of self-help: it enables a person to change a certain behavior or situation.


  • find connection to your inner source
  • shift of physical, emotional and mental dysfunction to health and well-being

45 min     110 $

Service: bring your health to the next level

Breathing Session


  • individual support
  • learn how to meditate correctly
  • different meditation techniques
  •  positive impacts of meditation

55 min     110 $

Connected breathing and has a deep and far-reaching effect on health and psyche. Deep breathing can reduce stress in the body, helps to relax, replenishes oxygen in the body and can release blockages. 

Services | Breathing Sessions

Service: Find your spiritual guides

Power Animals and Chakra Animals

Services | Find your Power Animal

Power Animals are Spirit Guides who can help you navigate through life’s challenges and transitions. You can turn to these trustworthy oracles for advice and counsel on any questions or concerns. Power Animals are exceptional teachers who will help you learn about both the spirit and the natural world. Working with them on a regular basis will enhance your personal life and your health immensely. (S. Steven)


  • find power animals via a ritual
  • individual support
  • meaning of power animals
  • excercises

45 min     100 $

Service: Profit from the ancient knowledge of the Shamans

Shamanic Healing Breathing


  • individual guidance
  • deep breathing technique
  • information about the impact
  • activate self healing powers

30 min     100 $

Through consciously correct and deep breathing disturbances in body and psyche can be positively influenced. Breathing therapy is a holistic treatment which is particularly suitable for preventive health care and as complementary therapy. The alpha state during a breathing session also facilitates shamanic journeys.

Services | Shamanic Healing Breathing

dreams reflect our consciousness

Dream Interpretation Service

Services | Dream interpretation

As stated by S. Freud  dreams provide a direct connection to our unconscious selves. Buried memories, feelings and thoughts that we may not be aware of in our waking life come to the forefront when we fall asleep and dream. Dream interpretation is considered a powerful tool for accessing the unconscious and finding meaning and guidance.


  • find out about your desires and needs
  • get to know your inner world
  • interpretation of different type of dreams

30 min     50 $

Unveale your talents, gifts & Skills

Name Analysis Service


  • individual analysis
  • find out about your strength
  • find out about your weaknesses
  • personality analysis

30 min     100 $

The Meditative Associative Name Analysis (MANA) is a procedure for the orienting assessment of a person’s personality, his weaknesses, and strengths. The method is based on the initially strange insight that people’s names influence them. These processes take place in the subconscious.

Services | Name Analysis

Service: Balance and harmonize your energy

Private Yoga Class

Services | Yoga with Michico

One of the main goals of the yoga exercises is to gain clarity about the confusing activity of our thinking organ. So that our thoughts can come to rest and the inner truth can be perceived. Through the constant information intake of our sense organs such as smells, dreams, images, our thinking organ is constantly busy and desires or wishes will arise. 


  • individual support
  • Asansas depending on you current level
  • Pranayama exercise
  • stress relieve

60 min     70 $

Service: Lean back and relax

Foot Reflexology Massage


  • detection of painful points on the foot
  • diagnosis of disorders in the body
  • Stimulation of painful point
  • activation of regenerative powers in the body

60 min     90 $

Through the Foot Zone Reflex Massage, which is carried out with varying pressure by the hands of the therapist, the self-healing power of the body, or the regenerative power present in the human body, is stimulated. In addition the foot zone reflex massage changes the excrements of the intestines, kidneys, skin, and mucous membranes.

Services | Foot Reflexology Massage

Services offered for

Services | Therapy for Couples


Long-term relationships require care, attention, and honesty. By communicating in a safe space with a therapist to facilitate the discussion, you and your partner can delve into issues, discover new ways of connecting, and learn healthy, constructive ways to overcome differences.

Services | Therapy for Individuals


Every individual has something in their life that they need help fully exploring. You may feel like you are stuck in the same patterns or have a new development in your life that is causing pain or stress. Whatever your issue, we can create a customized therapy approach to help.

Services | Therapy for families and children

Families and Children

Families deal with all sorts of unique problems, made even more difficult by changing technology, busy schedules, and generational differences. We will work together to open lines of communication, understand each person’s perspective, build trust, and ultimately develop closer family relationships.