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What is a Name Analysis?

Name Analysis | Find your strength

The Meditative Associative Name Analysis (MANA) is a procedure for the orienting assessment of a person’s personality, his weaknesses, and strengths. The method is based on the initially strange insight that people’s names influence them. These processes take place in the subconscious.

People who can understand these processes with the help of a meditative-associative technique can make fundamental statements about their personality. In contrast to the so-called “kabbalistic” name analysis  no numerological techniques are used here. The latter are mathematically formalized and are now available in computer programs.

Name Analysis | Find your inner Strength
Name Analysis Proceeding


The MANA-technique can bring to light essential, profound, and specific insights. Due to its dependence on the analyst and other external circumstances, the depth of insight can vary.

MANA does not replace the classical methods of personnel selection. However it can make a valuable contribution in the hands of the experienced and specially qualified person.


MANA can confirm the objectively non-describable intuitive impression – “the 7th sense”, the “inner feeling” – of an experienced HR manager. It can be – if necessary – the occasion for further, in-depth personnel interviews. If applied correctly, it is a useful instrument in Human Resources Evaluation Consulting.

The person to be evaluated must “already have lived their name”. Therefore the method is not suitable for children. If possible, the analyst should neither know nor be described the person to be evaluated (test persons): This rather complicates the analysis process. Ideally the person to be advised (e.g. HR manager) should already have had any kind of conversation with the respondent.

The person to be advised should speak the analyst’s full name 2 to 3 times in person without any further information. Targeted additional questions are important and are answered by the analyst. 

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